If a tooth is damaged beyond repair or is threatening the health of your other teeth, our dentists will perform a tooth extraction to remove it from your mouth and prevent further damage. While our goal is always to prevent damage from occurring so that you can keep your original teeth, we will work with you to gently remove a damaged tooth and provide a custom restoration to replace it after your procedure. To learn more about tooth extractions in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and make your appointment at Northwestern Dental Group, please call us today at 847-305-2442.

There are several circumstances which may lead to a tooth extraction. These include:

  • Severe infection
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Crowding caused by too many teeth

When you receive a tooth extraction, our dentists and team will apply all their skill and experience to make your procedure as comfortable and free from pain as possible. We offer several anesthetic and sedation options, including IV sedation. We will also provide you with post-op instructions to help you heal properly following your extraction.

After you have healed, we will meet with you again to discus your options for replacing a tooth so that you can regain a healthy and fully functional smile. There are a variety of options available depending on the number of teeth extracted, your individual needs and your smile goals, including bridges, implants and dentures.

We invite you to give us a call today if you have any questions about tooth extractions!