Our dentists may recommend a bone grafting procedure prior to providing you with a dental implant. When you are missing teeth, the bone tissue at the site of the tooth begins to shrink and resorb, making it difficult for an implant or for other teeth in the area to remain stable. Bone grafting restores sufficient tissue to the jawbone in that area so that your implant will remain secure. We invite you to call us at 847-305-2442 to learn more about how bone grafting in Arlington Heights, Illinois, can benefit you and to schedule an appointment at Northwestern Dental Group.

Bone grafting is an oral surgical procedure, and is typically recommended when the jawbone is not dense or thick enough to support teeth or implants. This procedure may be needed if your supporting bone has deteriorated due to missing teeth, periodontal disease or other factors.

The best results are usually achieved using bone taken from your own body, but artificial bone material and bone fragments from tissue banks are also available if needed. When you receive a bone graft, our dentists will carefully place bone material into your jawbone. The bone will then grow together with the graft to create a stronger and more stable foundation.

For more information about bone grafting and to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists, give us a call today!